Essential janitorial tips to make your office clean during summers

Summers are probably the most difficult time to keep the workspace clean. Sweaty odours, poor air quality, and vacation time disorderliness make the season the worst for janitors. Leftover foods in the fridge, cluttered workspaces, and sweaty couches have hence become the primary focus for janitorial services during summers. And with pandemic situations further necessitating impeccable cleanliness and sanitizing needs, there has been a renewed focus on cleaning workspaces across the industries.

Cleaning Services Oakville are flooded with janitorial requests as offices are gradually resuming their on-site operations. Also, read a full list here to understand how the janitorial service industry is expected to boom in the coming few years.

This article covers four cleaning hacks that can make your summertime cleaning less arduous for your janitorial services. Continue reading the article to learn the four best tips to keep your offices clean and sanitized throughout the summer.

Four tips to make effective office cleaning during the summers

Summers can be exhausting. But a habitual cleaning practice and a sense of discipline can help you avoid spoiling your workspace. Here are four essential habits that every employee must practice.

Make EOD your best time for cleaning.
As endless meetings, client calls, and meeting deadlines take up significant office hours, cleaning your workspace would be the last task you would ever think of. But experts advise that a habitual cleaning practice at the end of your office day can avoid piling up dust and clutters.

Ensure that you find time to clean away your desk space clutters and your surroundings at the end of the day. Avoid placing too many items on your desk to help cleaning services clean these spaces without obstructions.

Monitor the kitchen spaces
Office kitchens are perhaps the messiest spaces in an office. As every member in the office uses space, it is natural to dodge cleaning responsibilities. It would be a good practice to allocate an employee or a team of employees who monitor the kitchen every day in turns.

The team must check the fridge and purge out the inedible leftovers. It would also be great if the team ensures that spills and clutters are either cleaned or are reported to the cleaning staff. If the daily practice is a hassle during the weekdays, at least ensure that weekends are dedicated to cleaning the kitchens.

Office floor cleaning hacks
While floor cleaning is not your forte, ensure that your office janitorial team follows a standard method to clean the office floors. Summertime breeding of moulds and bacteria is the worst that could come. Hence, make sure that cleaning services use an effective cleaning solution with adequate water to clean every nook of your office floors.

Deep cleaning upholsteries and carpets
The summer season is the best time to condition your upholsteries and carpets. As employees tend to take time off during summers, the time is probably the best to deep clean dust and grime-laden floor carpets and office seats. These could highly improve the air quality of the office and also prevent the breeding of microorganisms.

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