Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Bedsheets

You may be confused about choosing comfortable bed sheets. The choice of fabrics can help purchase the right bedsheets to keep you warm or cold based on the climate. You must be aware of the actual manufacture of various fabrics to choose the right bedsheet. The fabric you select decides the quality and durability of the bedsheets. Snoozy Monk offers a wide range of bedsheets in different fabrics. Find out more here about the different fabrics of bed sheets available in the market.

This is a perfect fabric that is widely used. Cotton bedsheets are ideal to be used in summer or hot days to keep you cool. They are the cool and crisp fabric that breathes better. It is easily maintainable and lasts long. Cotton fabric bed sheets do not bill or change their shape.

Combed Cotton
This is a processed fiber. Impurities and short fibers are removed during the processing. It is a soft and smooth fabric that is ideal for use during winter.

Egyptian Cotton
This type of cotton is grown in Egypt. The climatic conditions of Egypt permit long growing seasons and are favorable for growing cotton. Egyptian cotton is quite popular worldwide, and it is considered to be a luxurious fabric. It is highly durable as its thread count is more than 200TC. It is handpicked and known for its purity. It is a soft and silky fabric.

This type of fabric is eco-friendly as it is manufactured with the use of renewable resources. It is a preferred choice for eco-friendly customers. The fabric is completely free from chemicals, and this makes bamboo sheets hypoallergenic. It is a durable and strong fabric and can withstand for years, just like the bamboo stalks. It is the right fabric bedsheet in summer and winter. It can resist odors, and there is no need for regular washing.

Flannel: This is a blended fabric that is known for its fuzzy texture. Usually, baby blankets are made up of flannel. The weight of the fabric decides the quality of a flannel sheet. Use heavy flannel sheets on winter nights to make you feel warm. It is the best choice for long chilly nights.

Cotton Polyester Blend
It is the best-blended fabric available in the market. It is known for its durability. This type of fabric can withstand repeated usage for years. It is wrinkle and color resistant. Cotton polyester sheets are available in various colors. The color of this blended fabric never fades. It is a crisp and cool fabric ideal for use on steamy nights.

This type of fabric is known for luxury and extraordinary comfort. It is a cool fabric and offers a luxurious feel. Satin sheets are a perfect blend of acetate, polyester, and silk. It is quite expensive. Stain sheets are the right choice to spice up the looks of your bedroom.

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